What Coverage Does Commercial Insurance Provide?

Running a small business is a very big challenge. When you are looking to run your own business, you will want to make sure that it is as protected as possible. One of the best ways to do this today is by getting a quality commercial insurance policy. A good commercial insurance policy will provide you with several different types of coverage to protect you and your business.

Liability Protection

The most important type of coverage that you need to have if you are running a small business is liability coverage. Whenever you are providing any type of service or selling any type of product, there is some level of risk involved. Having liability insurance will provide you with protection against these risks. Furthermore, many commercial customers, investors, and lenders will want to make sure that you have this type of coverage in place before doing any type of business.

Workers Compensation

If you have people working for you, it is important that they are properly covered and protected. One of the best ways to do this today is through a workers compensation insurance policy. With a workers compensation policy, your employees will receive the coverage that they need if they are hurt while working on the job. Ultimately, this can provide protection to both the business and the people working there. In most situations, employers are also required by state law to carry this type of insurance.

For those that are in Winder, GA, getting commercial insurance is very important. H2M Insurance is a leading provider of insurance solutions in the area. When you meet with H2M Insurance, you will learn more about all of the benefits of commercial insurance. The company could also help to ensure that you are able to get into a great policy that meets your needs. 

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

After purchasing your home, the next most logical thing to do is to take measures that ensure you keep that home. This is where home insurance comes in. But because this might be your first voyage in the seas of home insurance policies, our experts at H2M Insurance have compiled this short guide to educate homeowners in Winder, GA on what this particular policy covers. Read on to find out more.

What is Home Insurance?
This is an insurance policy that provides financial protection against damages to your home and the assets in it. It also provides you with liability coverage against accidents that may occur inside the house, or in your property.

What it covers in Detail:
1.    The Home’s Structure
Also known as the ‘dwelling’, this refers to all the components that make up the house, such as the walls, roof, floor, doors, foundation, and others. Your homeowner’s insurance covers any damage that might occur to the structure. Some policies may also provide protection for detached structures such as the shed and garage.

2.    Your Possessions
In addition to the physical structure, home policies also cover the belongings inside the house. As such, to ensure that you get compensated for everything you have, it is necessary to make an inventory of all your belongings. Next, take photos of those things together with their receipts, and then store them online. 

3.    Liability
Here, your home insurance policy will protect all the members of your household (including pets) against lawsuits for accidents to people visiting your home. This means that it will pay for their medical expenses as well as court costs if those people decide to sue you.

4.    Additional Living Expenses
In case of a peril such as a fire, which makes your home unlivable, your homeowner’s insurance will pay for the expenses you incur living elsewhere such as hotel bills and restaurant meals.

The importance of having home insurance cannot be overstated. Nevertheless, a homeowner’s policy is not a one-size-fits-all policy as people have different needs. Serving the people of Winder, GA and its environs, H2M insurance offers home insurance packages customized for your specific home. Let us know your needs and will be glad to serve you. Contact us here.

Life Insurance For Seniors: What You Need To Know

If thoughts of your mortality are catching up with you lately, you’re probably thinking about one key question:

How can I provide for my family when I’m gone?

The term "life insurance" might pop into mind as an obvious solution. However, if you don’t yet own a policy, the thought of buying one can induce a headache if you’re a senior citizen.

It’s true that the younger you are, the less you pay for either a term or whole life policy. There are some insurance companies that cater specifically to senior citizens, but they’re not always the best deal in town. Sometimes, mainstream insurance agencies like H2M insurance can provide a policy that makes more sense for your individual circumstances. Here’s what you need to know to get yourself an effective policy as a senior that won’t clean out your retirement savings.

Are You Healthy?

Before being able to buy a policy, those who want life insurance are required to prove that they’re in good health. For older individuals, a full medical exam on the insurer’s terms is typically required.

However, some policies don’t require you to undergo an exam. also, if you are generally in good health, this factor may determine the terms of your policy more than your age alone. Human life expectancy increases with every medical and technological advancement, and this is also a determining factor in how much your policy costs.

How Much Insurance Do You Need?

the one positive about shopping for life insurance as a senior is that you need less of it than you did when you were younger. Calculate your costs and your debts.

  • Is your house paid off yet?
  • Do you have any dependents to take care of?
  • How close are you to retiring?

IF your home is paid off and you have no direct dependents, you can easily purchase a smaller policy and still have enough coverage to help out your loved ones if you’re gone. It’s worth weighing your needs against the cost of living in Winder, GA when determining your coverage needs as well.

Do you need help choosing a senior-friendly life insurance policy? Connect with an agent from H2M Insurance to discuss your options. He or she will answer any questions you have before you’re ready to purchase your policy in Winder, GA.

Protection from Business Liability with Commercial Insurance

Covering business liability risk with commercial insurance is a complex process. That is why it is important to work closely with your agent at H2M Insurance serving Winder, GA and the surrounding area. Talk about the specifics of the business and make note of any unusual risks that are not industry norms.

An agent from H2M Insurance will assist a business owner in determining the risks that might exist, calculate a probability analysis of having a catastrophe, and suggest the adequate level of insurance. Different types of commercial insurance are offered, which are designed to go together, in order to provide a kind of tapestry of insurance coverage protection.

To be safer, an agent conducts a complete commercial insurance review. He or she looks for insurance coverage “gaps.”   Gaps are things that might occur to cause a loss, which is not insured. These risks may be mitigated by adding proper coverage.

Categories of Commercial Insurance

A single commercial insurance policy, which covers everything, does not exist because not all types of businesses need all types of commercial insurance.

Here are some of the types of commercial insurance to consider:

  • Workers’ Compensation: This insurance is mandated by the State of Georgia and is required for almost all businesses with employees operating in Georgia. It protects employees who experience on-the-job accidents and pays a death benefit to the surviving members of the family of an employee who lost his or her life on the job or due to job-related injuries. There is a certain level of benefits for employees and legal limits for an employer’s responsibility.
  • Business Liability: This kind of insurance may offer protection for a claim made about a defect in a product, negligent acts made by employees, and lawsuits about slip-and-fall accidents. There are special policies for commercial vehicle insurance, crime insurance, glass insurance, marine insurance, cyber-security insurance, terrorism insurance, key person insurance, business interruption insurance, and more.
  • Professional Liability: This group includes malpractice insurance, errors and omissions insurance, fidelity bonds, construction bonds, and umbrella insurance to extend other policy limits and cover things not covered by other policies.

It just takes one serious, costly, lawsuit that results in a huge judgment or award to bankrupt a business. Business owners need to understand liabilities and prepare for them by conducting an insurance review with their insurance agent at H2M Insurance in Winder, GA. Call now for an appointment for an insurance review.

What Factors Impact Life Insurance Premiums?

The peace-of-mind and financial protection life insurance offers should justify the monthly charge, but not all policies carry the same premium. Factors such as your age, health, and gender impact the cost relative to the term and type of insurance you select. The specific factors impacting your coverage are outlined below.

When you apply for life insurance, you typically have to answer multiple questionnaires related to your health and lifestyle. Questions related to past medical treatments, drug or alcohol use, and extreme sports are common. If you have a history of heart problems, diabetes, cancer, or another serious illness, it will likely impact your eligibility and cost of insurance. You’ll also likely have to submit to a physical examination, where your blood pressure and weight will be measured, along with the taking of blood samples.

Another important factor is whether you opt for term, universal, or whole life insurance. Term insurance typically has the lower premium amounts, but the policy doesn’t carry a cash surrender value. Whole and universal policies generally have surrender values, but the premiums tend to be higher. Associates at H2M Insurance in Winder, GA can help you determine the policy that best fits your budget and needs.

A summary of major factors impacting premiums includes:

  • Past medical history
  • History of cancer or serious illness with immediate family members
  • Drug or alcohol addiction
  • Term of policy
  • Type of insurance policy (whole, universal, term, etc.)

The benefits of life insurance often-times out-weigh the monthly premiums. The factors that influence the cost range from your age and gender to specific medical conditions you have. Contact H2M Insurance in Winder, GA, for more information on life insurance policies and coverage options.

4 Benefits of Home Insurance

Purchasing a home insurance policy is a must for all homeowners. Need more information about home insurance before purchasing a policy? The following is an overview of 4 of the key benefits of purchasing a home insurance policy. 

Pet Bite Protection

Believe it or not, your home insurance policy can possibly cover damages associated with pet bites. This is an excellent option for homeowners with pets of all kinds. 

Protect Equity

Moreover, your home insurance policy can also help you protect the equity of your home. Although various homes have the propensity to lose equity after being purchased, your home insurance policy can help protect you from taking a loss by reinforcing the original value of the home. 

Falling Debris Damage

On another note, while many seem to totally ignore this issue, damages caused by falling debris are much more common than you think. Therefore, purchasing a policy that includes protection against falling objects is one of the best methods of keeping your home protected. 

Burglary and Theft

Last but not least, although no one wants to believe their home will ever be broken into, the truth can be quite the contrary. Luckily, by purchasing a quality home insurance policy, you can cover your home against many of the potential damages typically incurred during a burglary. This can be everything from damaged entryways to property loss and more. 

Overall, for residents of Winder, GA and throughout the state of Georgia, H2M Insurance is an excellent option for home insurance. Offering friendly customer service, competitive rates, and more, simply call, email, or stop by our Winder, GA office today. Contact your friends as H2M Insurance and find out how you can protect your home and save lots of cash in the process!. 

Do You Need Commercial Insurance for Home Businesses?

Home businesses are a great way to get a feel for business without having to buy a separate building or invest thousands of dollars into creating it. This is going to allow you to have a business and make money with the property that you already own while keeping work close to home. You need to take the time to find out what type of policy you need when starting or continuing a home business so that your business and yourself are protected. For those that live in the Atlanta or Winder, GA area, the agents with H2M Insurance can help you find the right policy.

A Commercial Policy for your Home

When you own a home business, you can take out a commercial policy, but it is not necessarily needed. In most cases, you do not need to take out a commercial policy on a home business simply because the business would be covered on your home insurance policy due to the nature of it and the fact that it is housed within the home and would, therefore, be considered part of the property within the home.

The real issue comes when you need to help protect the employees that you have in your business. If you have large amounts of inventory over what would be covered in your homeowner’s policy or if you have employees that come to your home to work for your business, odds are a commercial policy would be beneficial. You should take the time to talk with an agent about what type of policy is going to work best for your particular business and needs.

 If you live in the Atlanta or Winder, GA area, the agents with H2M Insurance can help you tailor your policy to your business and your needs.  

Life Insurance for College Students

As a college student, you probably assume you need to think about life insurance for many years to come. The only things you worry about right now is conquering biology, making it to class on time, and dodging the next hangover. But there are some pretty good reasons you should consider purchasing life insurance. In Winder, GA, H2M Insurance has independent insurance agents to help you with life insurance while you’re in college.

Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is rapidly rising. Many students need to take out private loans in order to pay for their tuition, books, and other student expenses. When taking out a private loan, students will most likely need a co-signer. A co-signer is someone who is obligated to take on the debt if the original loaner can no longer make payments. In the case of federal student loans, your debt is canceled upon your death. This is not true when it comes to private loans. The banks will come after the co-signer, which are most likely your parents. Having life insurance can ease the burden of the debt after you’re gone.

The Married Student

Hundreds of college students get married while they are in college and some even have children. If a spouse dies with tons of student loan debt, then the partner will be obligated to pay it back. With a policy such as term life, the surviving spouse can use the insurance to pay for the loans, funeral expenses, other debts, as well as help provide for any children.

Don’t wait. Call now. Get life insurance just by simply getting in touch with the independent agents at H2M Insurance in Winder, GA. We can also help you with any other insurance policies you may need including auto, home, or commercial insurance. Reach out to us for more information.

What are the latest in home security devices?

You want to keep your home secure from intruders, not only to secure your possessions but to keep your family safe. H2M Insurance, serving Atlanta and Winder, GA, points you to some of the latest in home security systems, courtesy of HGTV.

  • Piper is an integrated camera and alarm system that contains a 180-degree camera and the ability to call or text you if it detects an intruder. Door and window sensors are an add-on feature.
  • Lowe’s Iris contains a motion detector and two window and door sensors that you can control from a smartphone. It will send you a message if it detects an intruder.
  • Drop Cam includes a camera and a two-way audio system that comes with night-vision capabilities. It will alert your smart device or computer if it detects someone moving in its line of view.
  • Belkin WeMo will automate your house by controlling when the security cameras come on as well as turn the lights and stereo on and off to provide the illusion of someone being home.
  • August Smart Lock permits you to open your door with a code from a smart device, eliminating keys entirely. You can control when certain people have access to your home as well.
  • Brinno Peephole Viewer improves on the standard door peephole by projecting who and what is on the other side on a small LCD screen.
  • Skybell Video Doorbell allows you to see who is at the door even if you are out of the house and communicate with them as if you are still at home.
  • The STI Rex Plus II Electronic Watchdog barks like a dog when an intruder approaches a door or window.

For questions on home insurance, contact H2M Insurance, serving Atlanta and Winder, GA. We can help you find the insurance you need for your home.


How Commercial Insurance Can Help Your Small Business

Owning a business is a dream for many people. For those that are in the Winder, GA area, making sure that the business is adequately protected is extremely important. There are several benefits and types of coverage that are provided with commercial insurance policies. 

Liability Protection

One of the most important benefits of having a commercial insurance policy in place is that you can receive liability protection. All businesses take on a certain level of liability when they create a product or service, have employees, or have customers come to their place of business. Since there is always a risk of being found liable for an accident, having a commercial insurance policy in place will be very beneficial.

Property Coverage

One of the most important assets that any business will have is its real estate. If you own the property your business is located on, it can be a great long-term investment. Since this is such a valuable asset, having a property coverage policy in place on your commercial insurance is very beneficial. This will provide coverage for both your property and its contents in the event it is damaged, vandalized, or if some items are stolen. This could end up saving you a considerable amount of money if a claim is filed.

Ensures Compliance

Another reason why having commercial insurance in place is a good idea is that it will help to ensure your compliance. Several different types of insurance are either required by law or by lenders or landlords. For example, if you have employees, you will be required to carry workers compensation insurance. This will provide coverage in the event an employee is injured while at work. 

Since commercial insurance can provide such valuable coverage, having a quality policy in place is a necessity. For those that are in the Winder, GA area, H2M Insurance is a great insurance company to contact. H2M Insurance will help to ensure you find a policy that provides you with the coverage you need. Reach out to our Georgia offices to speak with an agent and get a quote.