Home Insurance is for More Than Just Natural Disasters

Most Winder, GA residents understand that their home insurance will help them rebuild and repair in the case of a natural disaster, such as hail, fire, or lighting. Those with adequate insurance can rest at ease. Meanwhile, anyone who has decided to take the risk of going without full coverage may learn a valuable lesson.

Now, we understand the odds that a household may never get hit by lighting are pretty high. Yet, almost everyone stands the chance of getting robbed, having a guest injured, or being the victim of vandals. Fortunately, H2M Insurance has comprehensive home insurance that can take care of these things and more.


Thieves can strike at any time. They keep watch on our homes to know when the family is away. Summer vacations and Christmas holiday seasons are prime times for thieves in Winder, GA. These bandits lay in wait for their victims only to have the owners return to find all their prized possessions gone. Buying all new things may be impossible for those on tight budgets. For this reason, we suggest checking whether personal property coverage is listed in the policy terms.

Accident Liability

Guests have always been at risk of getting hurt in our homes. They can slip and fall, for example. The difference between today and the past is that the first thing most injured folks do now is contact a lawyer.

Homeowners can lose all their assets in a lawsuit. We suggest purchasing adequate liability coverage and perhaps some additional umbrella home insurance to be on the safe side.


Increasingly, we are seeing evidence of vandals striking across the state. Some spray paint homes, others ransack abodes, and regardless of what they do, vandals leave the property looking unattractive. The value of your property then diminishes unless fixed.

Home insurance can cover the refurbishing costs and get the place back into pristine shape. For odd instances, please do not hesitate to contact one of our agents.

Get Full Coverage Today

Do not wait any longer. Get in touch with H2M Insurance today to learn more about comprehensive home coverage. The alternative, playing the odds that nothing bad will happen, is not worth it.

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