Useful Home Insurance Points to Know If Your Home is the Teen Hang-Out Spot

We don’t just like to look cool at H2M Insurance, we really are cool. Maybe you are too. Whether you are located tin the Winder, GA area or in the surrounding areas such as Atlanta, Athens, or Columbus chances are your home is the cool place for your daughter’s or son’s teenage friends to hang out. It could be the pool or the fact that you have the best snacks on hand. Whatever the reason, you should make certain that your insurance coverage is sufficient to handle the teen onslaught.

If there is a lot of horseplay among a group of teenage wrestlers you want to make sure your policy includes a fair amount of liability insurance up and above the normal portions. Nothing will probably ever happen but you want to be sure in the case someone is hurt at your home.

Most policies cover if the injury occurred elsewhere but was committed by someone living in your domicile. If your home is the spot that they usually all congregate, why not have your insurance agent go over this particular arm to be sure of where you stand.

Make certain all recreational amenities are protected according to your policy and local law mandates. Pools are typically gated and trampolines should have safety netting surrounding them.   

Feel free to come into the convenient offices of H2M Insurance today if you are in the Winder, GA area. The time to ask how much insurance you need on your home is right now. The policy you took out when you first purchased your dwelling most likely needs an overhaul or at least a thorough review. Reach out to our agents and we will do our best to address any questions or concerns you may have.