Will Commercial Insurance Cover Professional Disputes?

Commercial insurance is like any other form of coverage in that it can be confusing and it’s based on what you want to cover. But since it’s difficult to go over everything that can possibly be covered, many owners choose their policy based on price as opposed to real-world protections. If you’re concerned about professional disputes, H2M Insurance may be able to help you decide on a better solution. If you live in the Atlanta or Winder, GA area, there’s no better time to find out how to keep your business alive, even in the case of a nasty professional dispute. 

How Professional Disputes Work

Let’s say that you own a wedding cake business that caters to some of the most expensive weddings in town. One day you get two of your orders confused, so a strawberry cake goes to the wrong reception hall, and your chocolate cake does too. If your customer asks for a refund, then this may be a perfectly acceptable request. But what if your customer asks for several million dollars because you ruined their entire reception? What if the groom is allergic to strawberries and goes into shock at his own wedding? Professional disputes can get rather messy rather quickly, and they can eat up far more resources than you can imagine. 

Finding Help 

Commercial insurance can help you during a case like this, but you need to have the right policy. From lawsuits to settlements to medical bills, you need to have the right people by your side. If you’re in Winder, GA and looking for a little extra guidance when it comes to professional disputes and commercial insurance, call H2M Insurance. Our staff has the know-how to get you a policy that protects against all claims — no matter how big or small.