Do You Need Commercial Insurance for Home Businesses?

Home businesses are a great way to get a feel for business without having to buy a separate building or invest thousands of dollars into creating it. This is going to allow you to have a business and make money with the property that you already own while keeping work close to home. You need to take the time to find out what type of policy you need when starting or continuing a home business so that your business and yourself are protected. For those that live in the Atlanta or Winder, GA area, the agents with H2M Insurance can help you find the right policy.

A Commercial Policy for your Home

When you own a home business, you can take out a commercial policy, but it is not necessarily needed. In most cases, you do not need to take out a commercial policy on a home business simply because the business would be covered on your home insurance policy due to the nature of it and the fact that it is housed within the home and would, therefore, be considered part of the property within the home.

The real issue comes when you need to help protect the employees that you have in your business. If you have large amounts of inventory over what would be covered in your homeowner’s policy or if you have employees that come to your home to work for your business, odds are a commercial policy would be beneficial. You should take the time to talk with an agent about what type of policy is going to work best for your particular business and needs.

 If you live in the Atlanta or Winder, GA area, the agents with H2M Insurance can help you tailor your policy to your business and your needs.