What Does Home Insurance Cover?

After purchasing your home, the next most logical thing to do is to take measures that ensure you keep that home. This is where home insurance comes in. But because this might be your first voyage in the seas of home insurance policies, our experts at H2M Insurance have compiled this short guide to educate homeowners in Winder, GA on what this particular policy covers. Read on to find out more.

What is Home Insurance?
This is an insurance policy that provides financial protection against damages to your home and the assets in it. It also provides you with liability coverage against accidents that may occur inside the house, or in your property.

What it covers in Detail:
1.    The Home’s Structure
Also known as the ‘dwelling’, this refers to all the components that make up the house, such as the walls, roof, floor, doors, foundation, and others. Your homeowner’s insurance covers any damage that might occur to the structure. Some policies may also provide protection for detached structures such as the shed and garage.

2.    Your Possessions
In addition to the physical structure, home policies also cover the belongings inside the house. As such, to ensure that you get compensated for everything you have, it is necessary to make an inventory of all your belongings. Next, take photos of those things together with their receipts, and then store them online. 

3.    Liability
Here, your home insurance policy will protect all the members of your household (including pets) against lawsuits for accidents to people visiting your home. This means that it will pay for their medical expenses as well as court costs if those people decide to sue you.

4.    Additional Living Expenses
In case of a peril such as a fire, which makes your home unlivable, your homeowner’s insurance will pay for the expenses you incur living elsewhere such as hotel bills and restaurant meals.

The importance of having home insurance cannot be overstated. Nevertheless, a homeowner’s policy is not a one-size-fits-all policy as people have different needs. Serving the people of Winder, GA and its environs, H2M insurance offers home insurance packages customized for your specific home. Let us know your needs and will be glad to serve you. Contact us here.