Is Raising My Auto Insurance Deductible a Good Idea?

When looking for auto insurance in the Winder, GA area, you may have received a quote from H2M Insurance that showed a lower premium when you opted for a higher deductible. While it seems like a good way to save a few dollars on your monthly bills, is it really the best choice for you?

Can You Afford a High Deductible?

If you generally have a healthy rainy day fund and can replace the large deductible without creating a serious problem for your lifestyle, the higher deductible option might work for you. While it isn’t likely you’ll have a car accident next week or maybe even this year, the fact is at some point everybody is involved in an accident that results in major repairs to their vehicle at some point. If the higher deductible would pose a serious problem for you to pay, it may be wiser to pay the higher premium.

Low Deductible Minimizes the Trauma of an Accident

Most people who own a vehicle can pay the standard deductible to cover emergency repairs without causing a serious dent in their checking account or lifestyle. While dealing with the inconvenience of putting your car in the shop can be a pain, the impact on your life isn’t long lasting. Thus, when you have a low deductible on your plan, fixing up the fender bender really results in nothing more than a few extra appointments around town and some paperwork. 

If you’d like to learn more about your monthly premiums for your Winder, GA auto insurance, give your agent at H2M Insurance a call. They’ll be happy to help you out. You can also visit our offices for a more personal experience, but if you are stuck at home, try our online rating tool to get quotes on your auto insurance policies.

New Driver? How to Save on Auto Insurance Costs

New drivers often pay higher insurance rates as their lack of driving experience puts them at greater risk of having an accident on the road. The following tips can help new drivers keep auto insurance costs down without compromising their coverage.

Shop Around

Comparison shopping online will give new drivers in Winder, GA a better idea of auto insurance costs in their area so they can make better decisions on the policy they buy. Depending on their circumstances, new drivers may qualify for a discount on their premium.

Some insurers offer discounts to students for maintaining high grades. Others charge less to young drivers serving in the military or those who pay a year’s worth of insurance in advance. By discussing auto insurance discount options with an H2M Insurance agent, new drivers can see how to get the best deal.

Be Added to an Existing Insurance Policy

Teen drivers could benefit from lower rates by being added to their parents’ policy. Opting for a multi-car insurance policy or listing a teen as an optional driver for all vehicles in a household are other ways in which new drivers can qualify for reduced auto insurance rates. Maintaining a good driving record will make teens eligible for insurance discounts later down the line.

Personalize Insurance Coverage

By personalizing their auto insurance coverage, new drivers can get what they need at affordable costs. Older vehicles, for example, don’t require as comprehensive insurance coverage as new cars. By investing in a used vehicle in excellent shape, new drivers can save substantially on their premium without compromising their coverage.

At H2M Insurance, we can help new drivers in Winder, GA get personalized insurance coverage that meets their needs at a price they can afford. Contact us today for all your auto insurance needs.