How to Prevent Cold Air from Entering Your Home

It is winter, which means frequent cold blasts of weather. At your home, does the cold remain outside or do you feel it when you walk near a door or window?  If it is not as cozy and warm as you would like, then there are areas where cold air is entering. Cold air inside makes your home feel cold and causes your heater to work that much harder. And the more heating required, the higher the monthly heating bill is. And H2M Insurance of Winder, GA, we want our clients to stay warm all winter long. Fortunately, there are some simple measures you can take to prevent cold air from getting inside.

Prevent Air from Entering Through Windows and Doors

The primary point of entry for cold air is usually through windows and doors. Check windows, and if there is cold air coming in, then you need to recaulk them. You may need to first remove existing caulk before you add another layer. Or, a light bead on top of the current layer will suffice in other cases. If air is coming inside the home through exterior doors, then your weather stripping needs to be replaced. Replace it with the doors, and you can also add a layer of weather stripping between the doors and side jambs.

Use Furnishings and Accessories to Block the Cold

Other simple ideas for keeping cold air out include hanging thick curtains on your windows, placing warm rugs down on hard floor surfaces, and even hanging pictures on the walls can help block out cold air. At H2M Insurance of Winder, GA, we believe that with a little maintenance, and a few added accessories, you can keep your home warm and secure all winter long.